4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving During Spring

May 19 2017

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Spring has sprung, and that means it's prime moving season. Whether this is your first move after college or your twelfth (did you know the average American moves almost 12 times in their life?), it's safe to say that spring is the best possible time. Why?

Here are a few excellent reasons to schedule moving day before summer rolls around.

Ideal Moving Conditions
If you're the Goldilocks type, you'll find that spring weather isn't too hot or too cold, it's just right. And when you have to do a bit of heavy lifting, it's absolutely perfect. Spring weather is a wonderful respite from the cold of winter and the calm before summer heat kicks in. Your move might be delayed by rain, but it's much better than sweating it out during the dog days of July.

Hiring Professional Movers
If you're moving in California and you need the best commercial movers San Diego has to offer, you should plan your move for the spring. Summer is an extremely busy moving season for commercial and residential moving services, especially in a place as populated as California. So if you want the best commercial movers San Diego has for a reasonable price, plan for a nice spring day -- just make sure you're planning in advance.

Spring Cleaning
Want some extra motivation to leave your last space squeaky clean and organized? Look no further than spring cleaning season. If everyone around you is cleaning their own spaces and making room for new items in their lives, it may provide some additional inspiration for you to do the same before you move. Moving is a laborious task that can often leave you exhausted, but getting into the cleaning spirit just might make the packing up and organizing go a little bit faster.

Schedules Are Flexible
Spring is not only prime cleaning season, it's prime outdoor season. And what better way to get outside and get active than gathering a few friends to help you get settled in the new place? Unpacking might be a chore, but celebrating your new space shouldn't be. Host a post-moving day barbecue, plan a housewarming bash, or simply invite people over to help set up your outdoor area.

Moving doesn't have to be a task you love, but it doesn't have to be a task you dread, either. Instead of moving during the busy season or in the gray days of winter, consider moving in the spring and reaping all of these benefits.