3 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Delivery Service

July 16, 2018

furniture delivery serviceThere are plenty of times throughout your life that you've wanted to do everything yourself. Broken fence? Fix it yourself. Oil change? Do it yourself. Yet, there are just some things in life that are better left to the industry professionals.

Moving your valuable and extremely damageable furniture into your new house? Leave it to the pros. While it might sound like a relatively easy task to move your own furniture, it can actually be a much better idea to let a furniture delivery service handle it. Here's why.

Reduce chance of damages

Whenever you attempt to do something on your own, you encounter the risk of causing damage. You might be sitting there thinking, "well there's a chance of damage no matter who does it," but the risk is much lower when you hire trained professionals. Consider this scenario: you went out to the store and purchased brand new, custom furniture. It cost you a pretty penny for the whole set, and now you have to get it home. You could throw it all in the back of your truck and hope for the best, or you could hire a moving company that can deliver your furniture right to your door. You opt for the truck and it rains while you're on the road, or the guy in front of you slams on his brakes and your dining room chair flies through the back window. If you had gone with the movers, you could have been sitting back, waiting for your doorbell to ring.

Avoid injury

No matter how young, agile, or strong you are, there is always the chance that you could hurt or over exert yourself. Moving furniture, especially the big heavy kind, is a recipe for a pulled muscle or broken finger. Rather than trying to do everything yourself or having your buddy come over and tackle it together, professional movers can give you a painless experience.

Less expensive in the big picture

Most furniture delivery services will provide you with excellent rates, but you might still want to save even more money by doing it yourself. Consider all of the costs you might encounter such as a van rental, medical bills, furniture repair, house repair (in the case you ding something or scratch your floor), and a six pack (to pay your buddy). A delivery service can help you avoid all of those costs.

If you're like the 33% of renters who move each year, then you know how much of a burden it is to move your furniture. Make life easier and hire a furniture delivery service.