3 Reasons to Move in the Fall

September 23, 2016

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Although there are times when moving to a new house or business location can't be planned for months in advance, there are definite advantages to using a moving service at certain times of the year. One of the best times to employ residential movers or a commercial moving service is in the fall. Here are three reasons why you should wait until fall to schedule your move:

  1. Cooler temperatures

    Although summer may be a more popular time to contract a moving company, it can be a challenge to move during the hot months. When temperatures soar, it can make a move even more challenging for your furniture movers, who have to transport heavy possessions in the sweltering heat. Fall brings the perfect temperatures for a move -- it's not too hot or too cold, and weather is often generally pleasant. When you hire movers in autumn, you're making sure you don't make a tough job even more stressful.

  2. Better availability

    Because autumn isn't as popular a time to move, you'll have less competition for appointments -- and therefore, more flexibility about when you move within the season. This can be incredibly helpful for busy families or if you're starting a new job and need to move at a specific time. If you want to contract the services of one of the best furniture movers San Diego has to offer, opt for a fall move. You'll be guaranteed to have a better choice of appointments, which can make a big difference in your schedule and can lessen stress during a tense time. Plus, you won't have to compromise on mover experience and qualifications.

  3. More cost-effective

    Let's face it: moving can be expensive. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, an intrastate move costs around $1,170 on average. Because you aren't moving in peak season, enlisting the help of a moving company in the fall can help save you money. Fall promotions or less expensive rates are often available during the autumn, which can make a big impact on your ability to hire a highly recommended moving company.

If you're looking to move to another part of California this fall, you'll want the help from the most qualified furniture movers San Diego can provide. Contact us today to inquire about our rates and how to schedule your upcoming move.