3 Reasons You Should Never Rely On Your Employees During An Office Move

November 14, 2017

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If you're expanding your business or moving clear across the state, you may think that you'll save time and money by enlisting your employees to help you get everything settled. But the reality is that you may actually put your operations at risk by doing so. Below, we'll outline three reasons why it's always better to hire an office moving service rather than making your employees act as your movers.

  1. Their focus and productivity will decrease
    One of the biggest setbacks of relying on your employees to help you move is that most, if not all, operations will have to cease during this period. On moving day, of course, you might have to shut down for at least a few hours regardless, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice output in the days leading up to and following your move. Adding on these extra responsibilities will cause their focus and overall productivity to suffer as a result. By hiring an office moving company to take care of everything, your workers can actually focus on their jobs and ensure your business operates like a well-oiled machine.

  2. Your technology is fragile (and expensive!)
    Although 77% of college graduates change communities at least once in their lives, that doesn't mean that every person with a college degree is also an expert in moving practices. This can be a real problem, particularly when it comes to moving electronic equipment. In the digital age, your business probably relies on technology more heavily than ever before. If this equipment is compromised in any way, you may experience a huge setback to your business in terms of both cost and time. Even packing electronics can be tricky. When you can't take the risk of damaging valuable electronics during a move, it's best to hire movers for businesses.

  3. You could put employee safety or business security at risk
    Keep in mind that if you utilize your employees as movers, you could leave yourself wide open to liability. If an employee gets hurt during a move, they could file for worker's compensation and be physically unable to perform their actual job responsibilities. In addition, granting employees access to documents, computers, and other information during a move could be a huge mistake. While we'd like to think of our employees as being trustworthy, you can never be too careful. You can protect your business from a potential security breach and safeguard your employees by using an office moving service.

Many employers want to keep costs low during a move, but in many cases, you may end up losing more by having your employees pull double duty. Instead, you should mitigate the risk and gain peace of mind by hiring an office moving service. Then, you won't have to sacrifice on productivity or security in any way.