3 Surprising Benefits of Moving in the Winter

January 2, 2018

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Moving in the middle of the winter probably doesn't sound like the best situation. Between the colder weather, shorter days, and your busy end-of-year work schedule, anyone might be tempted to hold off their move until springtime.

Unfortunately, a warm-weather move isn't always possible. An unexpected opening in the housing market or sudden job offer might leave you and your family scrambling to pack mid-January.

Though hauling boxes through wintery precipitation and chilly weather might seem like a drag, moving in the winter actually has its perks. Here are just a few reasons cold-weather moves aren't as bad as they may seem:

1. Better Scheduling Options

Though moving companies do their best to accommodate customers, during the busy season, local movers may struggle to fit every customer into their tight schedule. If you decide to move on a weekend in May, you may be troubled to find that your local movers of choice have already been booked up. Moving in the winter might give you a bit more flexibility, since moving and storage companies likely have greater availability and can better work with your personal schedule.

2. Easier to Settle In

For many, the middle and later parts of winter tend to be less hectic. After the holidays, families choose to spend a bit more time at home relaxing and waiting for warmer weather fun. A winter move might be the perfect way to get to know your new home at a slower, more relaxing pace. Plus, if you're moving to an area known for its tourists, arriving in the winter lets you and your family explore the town before summer visitors begin pouring in.

3. No Sweaty Disasters

Finally, though winter weather can be dreary, hauling boxes and packing in the heat is also rather unpleasant. Hired moving help is happy to be of service at any time of year, but particularly hot days tend to be more challenging for everyone involved. A winter move keeps you, your local movers, and your stuff nice and cool for a no-sweat relocation.

More than one-in-five U.S.-born adults (23%) say that the place they consider home in their heart isn’t where they currently live. And, among those who have lived in two or more communities, about 38% say they aren’t living in their “heart home” now. If you're thinking about moving closer to the home you've been wishing for, don't wait until spring to start packing. You may be surprised how easy and exciting moving in the winter can be.