3 Ways To Protect your Stuff From Theft During a Move

December 24, 2018

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Even the most organized and efficient moves can leave you feeling a little lost. Whether you choose to hire local moving services or choose to handle the move alone, seeing your belongings packed away and hauled off might cause you to feel a twinge of nerves. What if your most precious possessions don't make it to your next home?

Unfortunately, moving theft is fairly common. Moving boxes between multiple moving trucks and buildings exposes them to the potential of theft, and thieves know that individuals in the midst of a move are more focused on relocating than on keeping their belongings under lock and key.

To make it harder for criminals to swipe your stuff, try the following tips for greater moving-day security.

1. Keep Valuables Close to You

Most of your belongings can go in a box to be handled by moving services. However, don't box up your most expensive and precious belongings. Instead, pack valuables in a suitcase or backpack, and keep these items locked in your personal vehicle. Good items to keep close include jewelry, cash, gaming systems, and other pricey electronics. A thief might be less tempted to swipe a suitcase than they might be by a box labeled "fragile," and with this method you'll be able to better track the important items at all times.

2. Label Boxes By Room, Not Contents

Don't make it easy for thieves to find which items are worth stealing. Instead of labeling boxes by item, like "CDs" or "clothes," instead label the boxes by which room your moving help should leave them in. For example, label a box with electronics "office" or a box with blankets "bedroom." That way, you'll know where your stuff is, but thieves won't.

3. Keep Moving Information Off Social Media

Unknowingly, many families accidentally tip off thieves by putting information about their move on social media. Avoid posting pictures or status updates until after your move is complete and your belongings are accounted for. Don't post your new address online at any time, and instead give out your new contact information to loved ones on an individual basis.

The average American moves approximately 12 times in their life. Whether this is your very first move or your hundredth, with these easy steps, you can keep your belongings safe from theft as you transition to your new home. For more great moving assistance and tips, contact Reliable Delivery today!