3 Ways To Make Your Summer Move More Bearable

June 22, 2017

moving and storage service

Approximately 57% of U.S. adults have never lived outside their current home state. But whether you're planning to move to the next town over or clear across the country, a summer move can be tough. If you require residential moving services this season, these three tips should make the process much easier.

  1. Book Early
    Because people tend to have more free time during this season, summer is the most popular time to hire a moving and storage service. That means it's likely going to be more difficult to schedule a move, especially on a weekend. If you need to move on a Saturday, you should schedule your movers as soon as possible. But if you're able to be more flexible, consider moving on a weekday. Your moving and storage service won't be as busy and will likely be able to devote more time to your move, should you need it.

  2. Let It Go
    As difficult as it can be to let go of certain possessions, you'll be a lot happier with a lighter load on your moving day. In the weeks leading up to your move, get rid of as much as you can with yard sales, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. The extra cash can help you pay for your move and will reduce your moving costs overall. For the things you're unable to sell but don't need, consider donating them to a worthy cause; you'll get a receipt you can use for your taxes next year, too.

  3. Plan For Heat
    Depending on where you live, your moving day may not be a scorcher. But even if you're not dealing with sweltering heat, you should still plan to take plenty of breaks. Make sure to have water on-hand for both you and your movers. You should also make certain that no heat-sensitive objects are kept in the moving truck for hours. If you can, load those into your car last and bring them into the new home first. Don't pack any perishables toiletries that may melt or could explode due to heat in the truck.

For many families, a summer move may be the best option. If you're planning on moving house this summer, schedule your moving day with your choice of moving and storage services as soon as possible and plan ahead to ease frustrations. With these tips in mind, your summer move will go much more smoothly.