4 Tips for Moving Antique Furniture

September 15, 2016

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The average American moves approximately 12 times within his or her lifetime. Moving in and of itself can be stressful, but having your furniture or other personal possessions damaged during a move can be a nightmare. If you're a collector of valuable antiques, protecting your belongings is even more crucial. If you're moving in California, it's important to enlist the help of one of the best moving companies San Diego has to offer, but you can also take some additional steps to ensure the safety and preservation of your treasured antiques. Here are four tips that can help prepare your antique furniture and other collectibles for a move:

  1. Inventory and appraise
    Although this won't actually help keep your valuables safe during a move, it's beneficial to get an appraisal for all highly valuable items and document items with both written and photographic evidence. Not only will this help if you need to confirm the value of your property for homeowner's insurance, but it will also help both you and the owners know which items need extra care while moving. If necessary, you also may want to obtain insurance for certain pieces as a precaution for damages; though these instances are rare, many collectors don't want to take a chance with pieces that are highly valued.

  2. Double wrap with extra room
    You should wrap every piece in two layers of packing protection before placing into boxes, or use several layers. If you're wrapping with bubble wrap, make sure to use packing peanuts in boxes; if you're using newspapers, utilize several layers to ensure the item is totally protected. You should also leave extra room between items to eliminate pressure and friction. Even with double protection, extra agitation can damage fragile antiques. Make sure not to pack items tightly together, to reduce the risk of abrasion.

  3. Organize and label
    If you have a large collection, pack in a way that makes sense for movers and for unpacking. Pack similar items together, and make sure the boxes are stored for moving in a way that will not promote damage (i.e., that lighter items are not placed below heavier ones). Be sure to label boxes with "fragile" and "this side up" designations to ensure proper handling.

  4. Use a specialized moving company
    If you're moving within the California area, you'll need to choose between the best moving companies San Diego has to offer. Collectors should do proper research before hiring a moving company to ensure their residential moving services are equipped and knowledgeable enough to handle a move with a number of antiques. Even if your antique collection is not financially valuable, it's bound to contain a lot of sentimental value. When you are looking into San Diego moving services, you'll want to enlist the help of a company who knows the potential pitfalls of moving antiques and is experienced enough to ensure their safety.

Whether you have only a few antique pieces or an entire collection, you need to be secure in the knowledge that your belongings will reach their final destination fully protected and intact. When you choose to work with us, you'll be hiring one of the best moving companies San Diego can provide. Contact us today to find out about our services and how we can help you with your next move.