4 Ways to Make Moving More Fun For the Whole Family

April 19 2017

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Around 63% of adults have moved to a community at least once during their lives. And while getting adjusted to a new place as an adult can be difficult, it's sure to be even harder for your kids. The idea of leaving behind everything they've known can be an extremely stressful and emotional experience. And when you factor in all the extra stresses of actually packing, preparing, and working with your residential moving company on the big day, that can make for an overwhelming situation.

The good news is that there are some ways you can actually make the moving and storage process more fun for both you and your children. We've compiled some ideas that will allow you spend time together and share an experience that you'll probably even enjoy! By the time your residential movers arrive, you'll be ready to go and in high spirits.

  • Make It a Game
    You're bound to have a better time if you can turn necessary tasks into productive playtime. Hold a family competition to see who can get rid of the most junk, who can fold the fastest, or clean the best. You can even host a relay race for packing up different rooms. Of course, this might not be advisable for fragile antiques, but for non-breakables, these activities can, a la Mary Poppins, turn a job into a game.

  • Create a Playlist
    It's amazing how music can have an impact on our mood and productivity. You can collaborate as a family to come up with music playlists for packing and unpacking. Your packing playlist should get everyone psyched and moving; for unpacking, you may want to opt for something a bit less peppy, but still upbeat. You'll have everything done in no time -- and have a dance party while you're at it.

  • Choose the Decor
    A lot of kids are understandably hesitant or upset to leave behind their home, school, and friends. But you can distract them from their anxiety by giving them a chance to put their stamp on their new rooms. Ask your kids what color scheme they like best or how they envision their ideal bedroom to be. This gives them a chance to be creative and will assure them that their opinions matter. Then, you can pick out new items from a local store or perform a makeover on something you already own to make it more their style. By allowing your kids to be part of the process, you'll be giving them something to look forward to when you arrive. Of course, your furniture delivery service will ensure their beds, tables, dressers, and other furnishings arrive safe and soun..

  • Transform Your Boxes
    Once your residential movers have delivered all of your boxes and you've finished unpacking, you'll be left with a bunch of empty boxes. While some of these can be recycled or used for storage, you can also use your imaginations and transform them into something even more exciting. You could build a fortress or a castle in your living room, or you can take them outside and paint them like a rocket ship, car, or playhouse. See how many different things you can make an encourage your kids to think of new ways to play and enjoy your new home.

If you and your family are planning to move to a new home, you'll definitely need reputable help. The expertise of our residential movers will help your moving day go smoothly and quickly. For more information, contact SD Reliable Delivery today!