5 Genius Tips For Moving Like A Pro

March 3 2016

commercial moversIf you are like 23% of U.S. born adults, the place you are currently living is not what you consider your "heart home." In other words, you may move -- if not soon, then one day. When it comes, that day will be both an extremely happy event, and also one of the most stressful days of your life.

In addition to the logistical nightmare that moving can be, it is also pretty expensive. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of an interstate move is $1,170. The good news is that minimizing your costs, both emotionally and financially, is entirely possible by following a couple of helpful pointers:

  1. Pack an overnight bag
    Make sure you have the essentials -- toiletries, change of clothes, phone charger, laptop, eye mask. These are all things you won't be in the mood to dig around for after a long day of unpacking.
  2. Try to get to the new place and clean the bathroom or kitchen before the move
    If you can, the comforts of having a couple of pans and some bath towels ready for your end of the day shower will help you wash off the stress and dust of the day. This will also allow you to cut right to the chase and get unpacking, instead of disinfecting.
  3. Find a reliable moving company
    This is essential -- if you have more stuff than a group of friends can handle, enlisting in the help of trained residential movers (or commercial movers) will pay for itself. Make sure the company you use is insured and licensed, so they'll have to pay you back for any damaged goods. If you have some lag time between your two leases, find a company that offers moving and storage so you don't have to worry about your stuff.
  4. Cut down on boxes and packing materials
    Commercial movers might need hundreds of cardboard boxes, but you already have more containers than you think. Use what you have -- make your baskets, bins, hampers and trash cans work for you as boxes. Also, consider wrapping your dishes and other breakables in clean clothes to cut down on packing supplies.
  5. Use plastic wrap
    Plastic wrap to the rescue! Use it to wrap dresser drawers, so you don't have to repack the contents, and keep your jewelry organizer intact. Another quick tip: wrap the tops of your toiletries and then screw the caps back on to keep them from exploding in your boxes.
The average American moves 12 times in their lives, but there is no reason to dread the occasion. Instead, use it as an opportunity to make changes in your life that you have been putting off. Shed some of the stress by getting a reliable storage company and moving service to look after your stuff, and don't be afraid to contact commercial movers if you have a huge volume to transport.