5 Items Your Movers May Not Transport

December 9, 2016

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The average cost of an intrastate move is around $1,170, according to the American Moving and Storage Association. If you have many items that are difficult to transport or that require extra care, your costs could be even more. But occasionally, there are items that simply can't be transported by moving services, regardless of cost. You might be surprised at the items that moving companies will refuse to handle. If you have concerns about specific items, always ask your moving company beforehand. Here are five items that many residential movers may not be willing to transport:

  • Household plants

    While some moving and storage companies may be willing to assist you in moving your household plants, this isn't true for every company throughout the industry. Pots can easily break in the back of a truck, causing the dirt and plant to spill. Movers may be afraid of getting into a mess or bringing bugs in to their truck. In addition, some states have specific regulations about plant transport. If you're set on taking your plants to your new home, you may just want to take them yourself.

  • Perishable food items

    While canned goods are usually fine to put in the moving truck, opened perishable food items are usually not allowed. Feel free to pack unopened cereals or canned goods, but opened bags, boxes, or containers should either be thrown away or taken in your own vehicle. For most movers, the idea of spoiled food, bugs, rodents, and potential diseases is too big a risk to take.

  • Antiques

    Although we are a residential moving company that specializes in antique transport, the same cannot be said for other moving services. Antique moving requires much more knowledge and care than for other types of furnishings, and you'll want to hire an expert to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound. Even if the moving company you've been communicating with says they can move your antiques, make sure they have a proven record of doing so. Don't trust your valuable possessions with someone who doesn't have the skill and experience to take proper care of them; ask about specific antiques (and get an appraisal) before hiring a residential moving service.

  • Hazardous materials

    This may not come as a shock, but hazardous chemicals and materials are a no-go for residential movers. In fact, federal law forbids your moving company to transport these items. For items like propane and gasoline tanks, car batteries, and even nail polish, you'll need to figure out another means of transport or leave items behind.

  • Grand pianos

    While we move upright pianos, we personally cannot accommodate grand or baby grand pianos. They are simply too heavy and too risky to transport. Although other moving services can accommodate this request, you need to use a company that specializes in piano transport.

don't make assumptions about what your movers can handle, and don't blindly trust a company who says they can handle anything you need without proper accreditation. If you require moving services in the San Diego area, we can fulfill just about all of your needs. Contact us today to get started with a quote.