5 Reasons Even Small Businesses Should Hire Commercial Movers

October 24, 2016

small office moving service

The majority of American adults (57%, in fact) have never lived outside their home state. Most businesses opt to stay in their home state as well, though they may move locations if they wish to expand or find a property that better suits their needs. If your small business is moving locations within the same city or town, you may think you don't need an office moving service.

That would be a big mistake. By not hiring a small office moving service, your business may actually be missing out. Although handling a move yourself may save you some money upfront, there's a good possibility you'll end up losing what you've saved in the other costs associated with moving -- ones that could be avoided by using a reputable small business moving service. Here are five reasons why even small businesses need to hire commercial moving services:

  1. Heavy lifting

    Let's face it: no one at your company wants to be stuck with packing, loading, or transporting heavy or fragile equipment. Even if your business doesn't have bulky machinery, chances are that you have technology you need to keep in working order. Being tasked with renting and driving a truck (or transporting with your own means) can be a real challenge, and neither you nor your employees should have to deal with lifting heavy boxes. Hiring a small office moving service means that you and your employees won't have to do any of the grunt work.

  2. Affordable

    You might think that hiring movers for businesses would be a costly endeavor, but it's surprisingly affordable. Most moving companies will negotiate a fair price for your business and using a moving company can actually save you dough in the end. If an employee gets hurt during a move, that worker's comp claim can cost your company money, and if you have to rent a truck and pay for the cost of gasoline, those fees can add up. Hiring a small office moving service is usually a much more cost-effective option.

  3. Minimize production costs

    Having to suspend your daily operations will cost your business a significant amount of money, too. And if you take on a move yourself, that daily expense can expand even further. Our moving company knows how to get the job done efficiently so that you don't lose time and money. We'll get your business back up and running much more quickly.

  4. Insurance

    When you move your own office, damages may not be covered by insurance. But when you contract office movers, you'll know your furniture, equipment, electronics, and other items are in safe hands. We use our expertise and our equipment to make sure that all of your items arrive safe and sound, and if any unforeseen circumstances occur, your belongings will be covered.

  5. Storage options

    If you're downsizing to a smaller facility, you may need storage facilities for some of your items until you know what you'd like to do with them. Or if you think you may be getting new replacements for equipment but don't want to throw those items away just yet, a storage rental can be beneficial. Luckily, we're both a moving and storage rental company. If you need some extra storage for a while, you can invest in one of our long- or short-term storage units. We'll inventory everything and transport items to our facilities to keep safe until you need them.

If your business is in need of a small office moving service, contact us today to get started with a quote. We'll work with you to get your company to its next great location in an affordable and efficient way.