5 Reasons to Use a Storage and Moving Company

September 27 2016

moving and storage service

When you have a wide variety of San Diego moving services to choose from, you may not realize how you might be able to benefit from a company that specializes in both moving and storage. There are lots of ways using a moving and storage company can help you during a stressful time. Although any family could use the expertise and assistance of a moving and storage service, here are five reasons to use movers who also provide a storage rental service.

  1. Downsizing

    Whether you're retiring or just moving to a smaller place, you'll need help from residential movers with storage facilities. Not only will they safely transport your belongings to your new residence, but they'll inventory and store any additional furniture that you can't currently fit or use at your destination. Whether you'll want to pass that furniture down to other family members or switch out your decor at your leisure, having the option of storage units can be a great asset for those who are downsizing.

  2. College students and recent grads

    If your kids are going off to college or have just graduated with a degree, chances are that they'll have some furniture that they can't take with them to campus or their new apartment. If you want to save their belongings for their future but want to redesign their old room at home, storage facilities are a great way to ensure the furniture is kept in excellent shape without taking up space in your house or their new location. If they decide to rent an apartment, the chances of them moving to a new location is pretty likely -- 33% of renters move every year -- so having storage options with a moving service will come in handy after their lease is up. Plus, you won't have to rent a truck or hire a separate moving company for your child's relocation. He or she can decide what to take with them and what to keep behind in storage for later.

  3. Divorces

    Although not pleasant, moving house and splitting up assets after a separation or divorce can be a reality for many folks. If you need to move from a large house to a smaller apartment, you'll probably have a substantial amount of furniture and decor that you may not have room for but don't want to get rid of. When you can take care of both moving and storage needs at the same time, it can make an emotional time a bit easier to handle.

  4. New Business Location

    If your offices are moving to a new location, using a moving and storage service can be very helpful -- especially if the layout of the new offices is drastically different or your company is incorporating new decor into the design. Choosing what needs to come with you and what should stay behind is something that commercial movers with a moving and storage service can help you with. And because everything is carefully inventoried, it's easy to retrieve any furniture you may want to use in the future.

  5. A fragmented move

    Sometimes, you'll sell your house before your new destination is ready for you. This can be true with a new build or renovations that take more time than originally planned. If you need to move some things in and store others for a later date, you should contact a moving and storage service. You don't need to add complication to an already complicated move. We'll take care of everything you need in regards to moving and storage for your new place.

If you need a company who can deliver the double-whammy of both moving and storage in San Diego, please contact us today. We'll make your upcoming move easy and painless, so you can start enjoying your new home or business.