6 Questions to Ask a Moving and Storage Company

December 28, 2018

moving and storage

Are you looking for a commercial moving service? Or, will you be needing some furniture delivery services in the future? If you will be needing the assistance of a moving and storage business, you need some information before you decide which company to hire. Here are 6 key questions to ask.

Ask If They Move Oversized Items and Antiques

Find out if the moving and storage business you are considering handles large, unwieldy items. These could be pool tables, baby grand pianos or watercraft items, to name a few. Moving each of these types of items, all of which deal with logistics, requires an individualized, customized solution.

Ask How Far Ahead To Book Your Move

Find out when the busiest moving time is for the moving and storage company you are considering. Does your move fall within this time frame? Is so, you may have to schedule your move around the availability of the moving and storage company. Typically, the busiest times are weekends, the end of every month and the summer months. Also, find out about pricing. Do the prices go up during busier times with the company that you are considering?

Ask About Licensing and Insurance

Make sure you find out if the moving and storage company has insurance and is licensed. You want to do this before damage happens to your belongings during a move! It may seem to be complete common sense, but it is true that some companies operate without either insurance or a license.

Ask If They Store Furniture

Does the company have the capability for storing your furniture? This may be a factor if you will not be occupying the home or business immediately after the furniture and belongings have been placed on site. There are companies who have this feature, but not every moving and storage company offers this option.

Ask If They Provide Self Storage

Often a moving company will be associated with a self storage facility. This is a great help if you need to store some of your belongings while you are getting settled. But not every company is a moving and storage company; that is, not all of them provide self storage. So it is up to you to find out if it is available.

Ask To See a Customer Satisfaction Rating or Survey

This is part of doing your homework. Try to find out what people think of the company you are considering. Ask around for references and testimonials. And ask the company, too. If they have had great customer feedback, they will be happy to share it with you!

So, you are not alone if you are relocating and looking for a moving and storage company. This is particularly true among academics, too, it seems. For instance, among the population that has lived in more than one community, college graduates comprise 77% of that group. This can be seen in comparison to those who have completed high school (or less), which total just 56%. But educational level aside, it is important to do your homework and ask the right questions when you are looking for a professional, reliable moving and storage company to help with your relocation.