A Brief and Easy 3-Step Guide to Moving

July 11, 2018


So you're moving, and you're probably a tad stressed about everything that you still need to do to have a successful move. For some people (particularly the planners), moving tends to be less of a headache than what most people find it to be. If you're someone who isn't all that great at creating a solid plan, you still don't have to worry.

This article is all about helping your move right.

Step One: Paint the big picture
Your first step in your move is to start getting an idea of what everything is going to look like come moving day (empty obviously, but not the point). What are you going to need to do in order to get the move underway? Do you have a lot of big and bulky stuff that you'll need help moving? Do you need transportation to get your stuff to the new place? Do you need someone to pack your things for you? Start shopping around for moving companies and the services that they provide to match the right moving company with your needs. Figure out if you'll need storage options (particularly if you're downsizing), and get quotes for every foreseeable expense.

Step Two: Start the packing parade
Whoever said packing can be left to the day before your move is either a wizard or a psychopath. Packing should be started weeks before your actual move, depending on how much stuff you have. Begin with the non-essentials and work your way around the house until all that's left the day before is what you absolutely need for that night/morning. You'll have to do some light reflection in order to think about what you don't really need right now. You can also benefit by making a list with what to pack in what order.

Step Three: Inform the world
No, don't go shouting from the rooftops that you're moving (unless that's normal in your city). Instead, inform the proper entities of your change of address. That includes any government entities such as the post office and DMV, medical establishments such as your doctor and dentist, and any billing organizations such as your bank or any online bill-pay websites. You need to submit a change of address to your post office at least 14 days before your move, otherwise, your mail could end up in someone else's hands and your personal information could be compromised. You don't want to deal with that mess if you forget to let the right people know.

Step four is to continue your planning and packing adventures until the day of your move. Once you've looked at all of your local moving and storage companies and found the right one, let them know what to expect when they arrive. Lastly, don't forget your pet or your toothbrush in your old house. That's never fun.

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