A College Grad's Guide to Moving - The One Thing You Didn't Know You Needed

December 11 2015

storage rental

After graduating college, you are officially making your first foray into the real world. You may be leaving dorm-life and campus living for your first real apartment. Moving can be overwhelming. There is so much to consider when moving to a new place, but you are not alone. A full 77% of college graduates have changed communities at least once and are more likely to have lived in multiple states as opposed to their high-school educated counterparts. If you’re fresh out of college and in need of moving assistance, here’s the best-kept secret to making multiple moves so much easier: storage rental.

If you move often, you may want to utilize storage rental. Did you know about 33% of home renters move annually? If you are a home renter, there’s a one in three chance that you’ll be moving in the next year. Many renting leases or apartment leases work on a 12 month contract, so people take the opportunity to move once their year is up.

Especially if you’re a young adult and haven’t settled yet, you may find yourself within this statistic. If you move annually, it’s a good idea to utilize a storage company for some of your larger belongings. Some apartments come furnished, and some do not – what are you to do with that extra bed you don’t need in your new place? Store it! If you’re lucky enough to find a furnished apartment, you may not be as lucky the following year if you need to move again. Instead of buying and selling furniture year after year, you’ll want to use a service to hold on to your things until they are needed.

Looking to the future, it is said that the average American moves about 12 times in their life. If you’re a new college grad, chances are you haven’t settled into a home yet and will be moving more in your younger years than later in life. Furniture can be a great expense; many young adults take pieces of furniture as gifts from their relatives for use in their first home. If your apartment simply cannot spare the space for that table from grandma, you’ll wish you used a storage rental service to house it safely.

See if your residential moving service offers storage. Most companies move your belongings to the storage unit for you and handle them with great care at a private location. With all the moving you may do in your young adult years, having a storage space can save you time, space and hassle. Contact your local San Diego storage company to see how they can help.