Are You Looking for Reliable Furniture Movers?

March 2 2016

furniture movers

Furniture movers, especially commercial movers who move upright pianos and other more difficult pieces of furnishings, are the kind of specialists who often go unconsidered until needed. Purchases of new furniture and large pianos often include delivery. However, when a home owner prepares to move furniture from one home to another, it is imperative that best and most reliable furniture movers are found.

Statistics indicate that we are a country of individuals who often find themselves moving from one location to another:

  • 77% of college graduates have changed communities at least once
  • 56% of people with a high school diploma or less have changed communities at least once
  • ollege graduates are more likely to have lived in multiple states
  • 57% of Americans say they have never lived outside of the current state where they are living
  • 15% of Americans have lived in four or more states
  • 33% of people who rent move each year

Whether you are a first time mover or someone who is experienced in moving from one place to another, reliable furniture movers are essential to the success of your move. Offering protective blankets, drop cloths, and large trucks with ramps and platforms that limit the wear and tear on important family heirlooms, professional furniture movers can make a laborious task seem nearly effortless.

Moving and storage companies provide several suggestions for people preparing to move:

  • Make sure that you get several local estimates from moving companies. What might seem like a reasonable price on the east coast, for example, may be incredibly expensive for a midwestern move.

  • Ask for a list of items that a moving company recommends you move yourself. While movers can make fast work of the moving process, they often suggest that some items be moved by the home owner.

  • Ask for quotes that include prices for you packing items yourself. If you are paying for the move yourself, instead of an employer footing the bill, you might find the residential moving service price more manageable if you are willing to prepare many of the items.

  • Find out if there are certain times of the month when the moving service rates are more affordable. While many people must move at the end or beginning of the month, middle of the month moves may be more affordable because companies have less business and can not charge the same rates.

  • Ask if you can provide help moving the smallest most manageable boxes. If you are paying for your own move, it might be worth your time to have a group of friends help unload the moving truck once it arrives. Leaving the large pieces to the professionals, moving smaller boxes yourself or with friends can speed up the process and decrease the charges.

  • Do not pay to move things you do not need. Anytime you move is an opportunity to sort and declutter. Boxes that have not even been opened since the last move should be reconsidered.

Researching and finding the most reliable furniture movers can make your next transition go smoothly.