Arizona Man Caught Moving Furniture of Burglarized Home

November 10 2015

san diego storage companyFurniture movers can be hard to come by sometimes, especially if you're trying to find a couple buddies to do the work for free. The average American moves 12 times in their life, which is one of the reasons many people hire residential moving services when they're in need. Imagine the surprise of one Arizona couple when they came home from a weekend away to find the furniture in their guest house being moved. It was not at the hands of hired furniture movers though, according to the Yavapai County news source dcourier.com.

The couple arrived home to find 39-year-old James Woods in the process of moving furniture out of their guest house. They immediately called 911 and somehow convinced Woods to remain at the house while they waited for police to arrive.

Woods had made himself at home even helping himself to food and drinks they had in the house.

"He also opened a recently delivered package containing a $1,800 check, which he concealed from the homeowners in the guest house," said the local Sheriff's Office spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn.

Reportedly, he told authorities the reason for his furniture movers impersonation was due to the fact that he didn't think the stuff the couple had suited his style. Perhaps his skills would be better suited helping the 33% of renters that move every year.

It's unclear where it is Woods calls home, but by the sounds of it he's one of the 23% of Americans that say the place they're living now isn't the place they consider "home" in their hearts. The police are investigating whether or not he was the culprit of a second burglary in the area. There's even a comment on The Daily Courier's article from a woman claiming she and her husband found Woods rearranging their patio furniture. Clearly wherever he's living now just isn't cutting it.