Debunking the Most Common Moving Company Myths

April 3 2017

moving and storage companies

More than likely, you'll make plans to move at some point in your life. After all, 77% of college graduates change communities at least once, and the average American moves about 12 times! But even though moving is a common occurrence, that doesn't mean that everyone is knowledgeable about the best practices. There are actually a number of myths about moving, as well as moving and storage companies, that are extremely widespread -- and extremely untrue. If you want your move to go as smoothly as possible, you need to learn the truth behind these falsehoods. We've debunked a few of the most common moving myths below.

MYTH: It doesn't matter what kind of boxes you use for packing

Reality: Actually, not all boxes are created equal. Many homeowners swear by picking up extra boxes at liquor stores and supermarkets. But these boxes can be much flimsier than standard moving boxes, leaving your belongings vulnerable to damage. In addition, they're not uniformly sized, which makes it harder to load them onto a dolly. While they may not be free of charge, boxes that are specifically designed for moving will keep your possessions much safer and your movers much happier.

MYTH: Moving insurance will cover any damage that occurs

Reality: If your residential moving company has moving insurance (and they should!), you might think you're covered for any potential loss or damage. But if an item isn't included on your inventory list, it probably won't be covered by insurance, either. And even if it is covered, this insurance may cover only part of the cost for lost or broken items. If you want extra protection for extremely valuable items, you'll need to purchase additional insurance.

MYTH: You should schedule your move on a Friday

Reality: It may make sense, since this would give you the entire weekend to unpack and get settled. But unfortunately, you're not the first one to have this idea. Most moves happen over weekends so that people don't have to stress about unpacking or taking time off from work. And when moving and storage companies are busier, prices are often higher and it's more difficult to schedule your move. If you can, try to move during the week and during the fall or winter.

MYTH: All moving and storage companies are the same

Reality: You may think it doesn't matter who you hire to take care of your move, but it can actually make a huge difference. Any reputable residential moving company should be licensed and insured, but many moving and storage companies aren't. That means you're getting way less protection for your items. You need to compare prices and research previous reviews. Otherwise, you could easily fall victim to a scam or spend too much money with a moving company with subpar results.

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