Don't Make Mistakes When You Move Your Things Into Storage

April 19 2016

commercial moving service

Moving is practically a fact of life -- in fact, the average American moves around 12 times in their life. Some factors increase the chances that you will move: 33% of renters will move every year, and 77% of college graduates have changed communities at least once.

Sometimes, a move will take you to a place where your belongings can't follow. For those situations, using storage rental to keep your stuff safe is advisable. Commercial moving services can help you get all of your things into storage safe and soundly.

But the process of getting everything properly stowed away can be difficult. Check out these moving and storage tips for getting into that storage unit:

1. Give the Movers Unloading Directions
Professional movers are certainly experts -- but if there are specific directions for how certain things are to be handled, and how your storage space should be set up, you need to be extremely specific and direct about that. Giving some thought as to how your storage space should be arranged beforehand -- creating aisles and arranging boxes so that labels are visible is a good place to start. Instead of taking apart shelving units, consider setting them up in your storage unit for easier access to things you might want later.

2. Make Sure You Have the Right Amount of Storage Space
It can be hard to know how much storage space you need. The best thing to do is get advice from the facility itself. If the space you rent ends up being too small, consider your options. You could rent a second, smaller unit for the overflow, try to get rid of some things that won't fit, or try to reorganize the space so everything is ship tight.

3. Make Sure the Moving Truck Will Fit
There is nothing worse than finding out the moving truck your commercial moving service sent won't fit into the facility where you plan to store your things. Indeed, some space can be very tight at storage facilities, and tight turns in between units might not accommodate for the truck, even if your space is big enough for your things.

4. Moving When Everyone Does
It can be hard to avoid, but if at all possible, it might be a good idea to try to move at an irregular time -- as in, not on weekday nights or on the weekends. It will be nice to have the facility to yourself and your movers, so you can arrange, rearrange, and squeeze to your heart's content for as long as you like.

Your commercial moving service is there to help you -- don't be afraid to communicate with them!