How To Feel At Home Fast After A Big Move

August 27, 2018

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Around 23% of American adults don't consider their current physical home to be their "heart home". The numbers are worse for those who move more often; 38% of those who have lived in two or more communities say the same thing. Whether for work, school, or another necessity, Americans don't always find it easy to feel at home in their new home. So how can you fall a little more in love with your new area? Here are some fast tips for your first couple days.

Ask Anyone -- Your Neighbors, Your Local Movers, Your Boss -- About The Area

If you're using local moving services, guess what? They probably know a lot about the area! Ask about parks to check out, favorite restaurants, upcoming local events, and other things that are up your alley. Introduce yourself to neighbors if you have the chance and do the same info gleaning with them.

Unpack Your Beloved Home Objects Quickly

When you have your knick-knacks out in your new place, suddenly it doesn't seem so bare and foreign. Pack your most comforting and personally pleasing objects together so you can quickly, easily unpack them. Your moving service may be able to help: mark boxes that are a priority for you to have in certain rooms, and many movers will be happy to oblige.

Keep As Little In Storage As Possible

While it's tempting to keep all your clunky furniture and off-season clothes in the storage units where they were kept leading up to the move, don't. Having a bunch of your stuff out of sight in storage makes it feel all the more like a weird, new, even temporary living situation, allowing you to stay on your toes instead of settled. Sell or donate extra belongings instead. If there's anything else you need to be stored, look for spaces in your new home or apartment.

Establish A Routine You Enjoy

Coffee every morning at that café around the corner? Afternoon yoga at the gym where you have a free trial pass? Evenings running around local trails? Whatever your little pleasures are in life, find a nearby way to explore them and create a nice routine, even if it's a once-a-week deal to look forward to.

There's always a possibility your new zip code won't become your "heart home". The good news is that you still have a home to return to, and you have the option to change it once again!