How to Prep For A Furniture Delivery

October 29, 2018

furniture delivery Ordering a big piece of furniture seems pretty cut and dry, right? You order a big, comfy couch online and wait for the day it's supposed to arrive. Once the furniture delivery services arrive, the furniture movers unload your couch, bring it up to the house... and... then what? Do you have a plan and the right tools for setting up your new couch as painless as possible?

Clear the way!

Moving heavy furniture isn't easy. It's especially hard if there is a lot of clutter, pets, or kids getting in the way. If you're expecting a large furniture delivery, make sure the clutter is picked up so nobody is tripping on anything or breaking your belongings. Young kids and pets should be in a safe area away from where the movers are doing their work, for the safety of the children, pets, AND furniture delivery personnel.

Have an Area in Mind

Do you know where you're putting that hypothetical couch? Your life will be easier if you choose at least a general location. If you have the movers leave the couch downstairs and you decide the next day you want it upstairs, you're in for a rough time.

Measuring Tape Is Your Friend

Not sure about where the furniture delivery will fit? A tape measure is indispensable for quickly checking possible positions in your home. If you don't measure, you or your movers may be stuck moving and lifting the furniture into a plethora of possible positions until you find one that fits.

Protecting Your Floors? Plan Ahead

If you are planning on having some sort of protection for your floors during the furniture delivery (e.g. felt tabs for the bottom of couch or chair feet), you should purchase those ahead of time. It's much easier to install floor protection on bulky furniture while you have the movers there to assist you.

Bonus tip: Having some soft washcloths at hand can help the movers' jobs AND your floor. They can try their best to avoid scratching up floors while moving heavy furniture. But using washcloths under furniture to soften slides and adjustments can be a godsend while arranging new furniture. Use this tip next time you have to move heavy furniture yourself and can't lift it all the way. After all, the average American will move to a new home around 12 times in their life; you're bound to need some creative moving tips again!