Insurance, Licenses, and coverage

Thursday, May 7, 2015

In an earlier post we covered what being licensed and insured means for you and how to find out if a company is covered.

Why is a moving company being insured so important though? 
This protects you, the consumer, from being protected in case anything happens to your items during your move.

There are three tiers for insurance for your move as follows:

Basic insurance: This is standard for every move you get, at no additional cost.
                            Having basic insurance for your move means that if anything breaks or is damaged                               you get $0.60 cents per pound on the item.

Actual Value: If you purchase the actual value rate, this protects your items up to $2k/item or a                                   maximum value up to $10k.
Full Value: Purchasing the full value insurance will cover all of your items up to $25k or $4k/item.

If you book your move with us you will receive an Agreement form that will give you the tiers and pricing of each insurance value.

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If a moving company is not insured and an item of yours breaks during your move, you will not be compensated for that item. If a mover is injured at your residence you could liable yourself for their injury if they are not insured.

What's the big deal about hiring a licensed mover? 

Lets say you are moving from California to Arizona. The truck of the moving company you hired has to go through various check points throughout their drive to your new home in Arizona. During these check points the trucks have to go on a scale. When the trucks are being checked in they will look at all the trucks and make sure they are licensed. If they are not, the truck will not be allowed to go through the checkpoint and all of the items inside the truck and the vehicle itself will be confiscated.

This means that all of your belongings can be taken away and not given back because of the unlicensed truck!

Prevent yourself from all those hassles and make sure you are using a moving company that is legitimate and is fulled licensed and insured. This can make the all the difference in the world between getting your move done stress free or having to worry about all these liabilities.

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