Just How Common is Moving, Anyway?

January 22 2016


s to make. Are you going to hire residential moversMoving is often an inevitable part of life. It seems as if everyone moves at least once, but statistics show that the numbers are much greater. Test your knowledge with this fun true or false quiz to see if you really know just how common moving is, then take a look at the facts and figures to see where you fall among the national average as you embark on your next move.

True or False: The average American moves about five times in their life
This fact is false, and you might be surprised to learn that the figure is much higher. The average American moves nearly 12 times throughout their life. If you consider all of the stages of a person's life, this number makes a bit more sense: from moving as a family in childhood to renting or buying various properties as an adult, it's not uncommon for a person to move even more than that!

True or False: A quarter of people have never moved from their hometowns
This statistic is false as well. Even though people have a tendency to move several times throughout their life, a full 37% of people have never left their hometowns. Many residential movers notice that even though people want a new house, they prefer to stay in their hometown to be close to family and friends.

True or False: A third of renters move each year
This is true! Because of the temporary nature of many leases, approximately 33% of renters would rather move to a new location instead of renewing their lease. This trend is common among younger people who may not have settled down just yet. When people move this frequently, they often rely on storage rental units to house their heavier items that they cannot easily take with them as they move on an annual basis.

True or False: Moving is a laborious and dreadful process
This is absolutely false! As the numbers show, people are constantly moving to new residences. Although people believe that moving is a laborious process, it doesn't have to be. With the help of a moving service, you can count on furniture movers and professional residential movers to efficiently move your items from place to place. A moving service will take all the back-breaking work out of moving so your transition to your new home is seamless and easy!

If you are someone who moves frequently, you might be in need of a moving service for your next venture. Contact us today for the best residential movers San Diego has to offer.