Life-Long Moving Tips for College Freshmen

September 26, 2018

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If you've just moved out of your childhood home and into your first college dorm, you are probably totally reveling in your new, independent space. Even if you have roommates or suitemates. You can decorate! You can arrange things! There are no parents! This is likely your first experience moving where you called the shots instead of your parents taking care of hiring a moving company and boxing everything. But guess what -- it won't be your last. Welcome to the world of moving, my friend. Here's what you need to know going forward.

You'll Learn How to Pack Light

Your first weekend or holiday going home from campus, you're very likely to either under-pack or over-pack. You will get the hang of this in time and become a packing master.

Storage Is Your Friend

There's a reason storage facilities are numerous around college towns. College kids typically move out of their dorms for summer, and then what happens to all their furniture and bulky belongings? For many, storage units are the most convenient option. Figure out a storage plan to minimize your moving stress over your college career and early post-grad years.

You're More Likely To Live In Multiple Cities and States In Your Future

Did you know 77% of college graduates have changed communities one or more times (including interstate) compared to just 56% of those with a high school diploma or less schooling? For a multitude of reasons, you going to college means you're more likely to move around and make a home in multiple communities. It's a great experience!

You'll Eventually Need Professional Furniture Movers

Your friends and parents can't be your personal furniture movers forever. Make sure you figure out the proper etiquette for hiring and working with a moving company before your first 'adult' move.

Enjoy the Little Stuff, But Don't Let it Weigh You Down

In college, at your first jobs, and in life in general, it's easy to accumulate... stuff. Just stuff. It might be sentimental, it might not. But be proactive about clearing out any of it that just ends up being clutter! You start out with a pretty clean slate as a college kid, don't let yourself hoard a bunch of useless objects that end up being expensive to move and emotionally taxing to take care of.

So yes, college may make you into an expert at moving. Move smart, hire trustworthy local movers, and buy your helpers pizza. Good luck!