'Move Like Mick Jagger' By Avoiding These 3 Moving Mistakes

May 3, 2018

moving help

Moving can be a hassle.

Despite the excitement of going to a new home, the effort it takes to gather up all of the stuff you've accumulated over the years and dragging it to your new place can be exhausting. You have to source boxes, get enough tape to patch the Titanic, and lift with your knees even though it's so much easier to use your back.

If you're moving, but don't want the traditional headaches that come with it, then avoid these three moving mistakes.

Not Hiring Moving Help
This is actually a two-part mistake: not hiring a moving service, or not researching your moving service. Failing to hire a residential moving company can be one of your worst nightmares, especially if you're taking everything you've ever owned to your new place. They specialize in efficiently getting things out of your house and into your new one. The other downfall is not researching the company thoroughly enough. Nobody wants a mover who drops the box with "fragile" written all over it. Check company reviews, licenses, and anything else that might indicate the quality of service.

Spending Money on Boxes
If the average American moves roughly 12 times throughout their life, that can add up to a lot of money spent on cardboard boxes that end up being tossed immediately after. It's actually relatively easy to find used cardboard boxes. Ask local shops and stores! Most receive their merchandise in cardboard boxes that they end up recycling anyway, so there's a good chance they'll let you take what you need.

Putting Heavy Items in Big Boxes
If you have a heavy item, don't put it in a big box for two reasons: a) you'll end up putting more stuff in that big box, making it heavier and b) a bigger box means harder to grab and lift. Put heavy items in smaller boxes to avoid throwing out your back and your movers'.

Moving shouldn't be a headache, and with the right moving help, it can be a painless process that gets you excited for the future. Avoid making these three mistakes, and you'll be on the road in no time.