Moving Box Size Guide

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Reliable Delivery recommends using specific sizes of moving boxes to pack specific items. Standard moving grade boxes are made to be used for packing specific items. Moving grade boxes are the only type of boxes that should be used for packing household items. They are designed to hold household items and limit damages. A general rule of thumb when determining sizes of moving boxes and what to place in them, is to pack your belongings into the smallest size of moving box that it will fit into. You always want to pack heavy items into smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. It is very easy to over pack a moving box so that it becomes too heavy to carry and increases the risk of the bottom of the box breaking open and items inside being damaged. Refer to the guidelines below for more detailed information on packing specific sizes of boxes.

Small moving boxes: Anything that can fit in the small moving boxes should be put inside of this size of box. Small boxes are ideal for packing books, DVDs, office supplies, small picture frames, paper and any other heavy items.

Medium moving boxes: The majority of your belongings should be packed in medium size boxes. They are deep and hold a lot, but the size is just right so it won’t be easily over packed. Medium boxes are ideal for kitchenware, small appliances, clothes, and toys.

Large moving boxes: Large moving boxes can easily be over packed making them difficult to carry. Only place lightweight, bulky items or large items that will not fit in any another size in this size moving box. Large boxes are ideal for blankets, pillows, towels, coats, and lightweight sporting equipment such as tennis racquets.

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Wardrobe Boxes: Wardrobe boxes are moving boxes with a bar at the top that enable you to hang your clothes inside of Reliable Delivery provides complimentary wardrobe boxes for use on moving day. the box. This allows you to easily transfer your clothes from one location to another. Wardrobe boxes are wonderful time-saving boxes for transporting clothes with ease. As a general guideline, 1-2 wardrobe boxes will typically hold the hanging contents of six foot closet.

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