Moving? Here's 5 Things to Do Before Loading the Truck

December 11 2015


Moving can be a very stressful and emotional time, yet it's a necessary evil. On average, most Americans move up 12 times in their life. For those who rent, moving can happen every single year. In fact, one-third of renters move each year.

When it comes to moving, there are so many logistics that need handling and little time to do it. Whether you're moving from one coast to another or three streets over, there are ways to prepare for the move that you will thank yourself for later.

  • Stay Organized: Moving is a huge undertaking. It can be extremely laborious and stressful. However, organization is the key to keeping it from being a complete disaster. By devoting a special notebook or filing system to moving, you can keep all the necessary documents and notes in one convenient location. It also allows you to refer back to information, just in case.
  • Prepare your packing and moving supplies well in advance: There's so much to do on moving day that even small tricks can make a huge difference. You should gather your supplies weeks in advance, leaving one less thing to worry about as the moving date moves closer. By placing your packing boxes and moving equipment in one location, you'll be sure to have easy access to them when necessary.

  • Label boxes: By designating boxes according to what room the contents belong in, you're saving yourself time and a headache. Going even further, boxes should be put in the corresponding rooms as soon as they're brought into the new house. This will make unpacking significantly easier.

  • Set up the new home: Before packing everything in your old home, be sure to plan and take measurements for the look of your new home. This is the best way to make sure everything will fit where you'd like it to go. Also, changing your mailing address as soon as the home becomes available is the best way to avoid your mail falling into the wrong hands. It can take up to 14 days for an address change to become finalized so be sure to do it as soon as possible.

  • Pack smart: One of the most difficult parts about moving is trying to find stuff you need either before, during or after the move. Packing necessities at the top of boxes will prevent having to rummage through dozens of boxes in search of a frying pan to make dinner.

When it comes times for the physical move, there are a few decisions to make. Are you going to hire residential movers? Will you have to use a storage rental to keep any odds and ends? If you choose to use a moving service, do they offer furniture delivery? While using movers may be a bit more expensive, it's not a good place to cut corners. Using professional movers can save you broken possessions and a lot of heavy lifting.