Moving House? Here's How to Prepare Before the Professional Movers Arrive

January 30 2017

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You've hired the perfect moving company, but what comes next? Although the professional movers will help you get everything from point A to point B, you still have to pack everything up first! Despite what many people think, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before a residential moving company can do its job.

If you're not sure where to start, here are a few tips that will help you know just how to prepare before the movers come marching in.

Ask yourself: What can be moved?

Before you finish signing any papers or get off the phone with moving services, you need to get a list of what they can and can't move. Anything they can't move needs to find another way to your new home. For example, some companies may only move certain types of furniture because of space or training restrictions.

Pack with a plan in mind

Without a packing plan, you're going to be a sitting duck. A sitting, disorganized duck. If you're unsure where to start, it's always a good idea to go room by room. Keep all of the boxes to one room together with labels and then move on to the next room and repeat the process. This is a great way to stay organized. Tackling one room per day can even help you stay on schedule!

Keep a personal bag in your car

When you pack your personal bag, you should toss it in your car before the movers arrive. This way, the movers won't have to ask you whether or not it's being moved, and you won't lose track of it in all of the moving madness.

Have snacks on hand

Chances are your moving company will have a pretty packed day ahead of them, especially if you're moving during the busy season. It's not necessary, but it's extremely helpful and appreciated if you have snacks and water on hand for everyone. After all, these people are helping you move an entire house!

The average American will move 12 times in their life, and every time it's probably exhausting. If you follow this short survival guide, you should be prepared for whatever comes your way on moving day.