Moving Your Business? Follow These 6 Top Tips

October 19, 2016

commercial moversAlthough moving to a bigger and better location can be exciting, moving can be stressful work. Using a reputable office moving service will help any move go much more smoothly, but if your business is switching locations, you'll want to follow these six top tips:

  1. Start packing early
    Most people underestimate the amount of time it will take to pack up all of their furniture and belongings. It's important to start packing as early as possible in order to reduce stress later on. Go through your office inventory and identify everything that needs to go to the new location. If you don't need to use it until after your move, pack it up now.
  2. Take extra care with computers
    Computer towers, monitors, tablets, printers, and other fragile technology needs to be treated with care. In many cases, you should not pack up these items in boxes. Instead, use thick blankets or bubble wrap to pack computers, and be sure to not get tape on any of these necessary gadgets. Do not stack these electronics on top of one another, and be sure to back everything up prior to your move. Even if you hire a highly skilled moving and storage service, you can never be too careful.
  3. Donate or store unwanted items
    When businesses have stayed at one location for a long time, they're bound to acquire a lot of unnecessary items. If you think you might require these items at a later date, you can opt to use a company that offers both moving and storage. That way, you can get a separate storage rental for any items you might not want to take right away. If you find there are pieces you know you won't use, donate them -- or if they can't be donated, throw them away. There's no point in taking items you know won't be of use!
  4. Update your address and customers
    It's a bad idea to leave your customers and clients in the dark about an impending move. Be sure to notify them of your change in address as soon as possible. Likewise, you'll need to update your address change with the post office. Be sure to submit your address change within 14 days before your move. Otherwise, your mail could end up in the wrong hands. For businesses, this is especially important, as mail can contain vital and sensitive documents and information.
  5. Choose the best day
    Ideally, your company will want to book movers for businesses on a weekend day -- but because these days tend to be quite popular, you may miss out if you don't plan ahead. If a weekend is not an option, you'll want to try to move on an office holiday or off-peak day. Although closing the office for a move on a business day is not always a desirable option, sometimes it's necessary.
  6. Hire reputable movers
    Hiring professional commercial movers can be imperative to making your move go quickly and without major incident. The needs of commercial business moves may not always be met by residential movers, so you'll want to contact a moving company experienced in office moves. Many companies need both moving and storage, so do your research and use a company that offers both.
If your business is moving to a new location, you'll want to book your moving services as soon as possible. Contact us today to find out about our competitive rates and how our San Diego moving and storage company can help your business efficiently transition to your new venue.