Packing Materials

Monday, May 11, 2015

One of the toughest parts of moving is PACKING!!
Whether you are hiring a mover or doing it yourself, packing is always stressful and time consuming.

Make sure you know what types of boxes you need and why.

Always use packing grade boxes for your move. This is especially important when you are hiring movers to move your items as it will not be covered by insurance if it is not in a packing grade box.

There are different boxes for different items you may be packing so make sure you pick the appropriate size box for your belongings.

Types of boxes and materials Reliable Delivery carries:
Small boxes
Medium boxes
Large boxes
Wardrobe boxes ( We will provide 4 for you on moving day)
Dish Packs
Picture Boxes
Mirror Boxes (Ranges from small, medium, and large)
Packing paper (for dishes, small items that need to be wrapped, etc)
Brown Paper (for pictures, frames, anything that needs an extra layer of protection)

If you need any materials we are able to delivery them to your home ahead of your move. If you need packing services we will come to your residence and bring all the necessary materials and will pad and shrink wrap all of your furniture and help you pack quickly, and efficiently!

Know what you're packing away and what size box you need. For heavier items, use the smallest box it will fit in. This will prevent it from collapsing in on itself  or breaking while being transported.

Here are some extra tips to help you pack:

  • Do not re-use old boxes. You don't know if the box has lost it's integrity and could break on you during your move.
  • Never use duct tape- use packing tape!
  • Label all boxes on the top and sides so it's easier for you to know what goes where and what's in what
  • Start packing early- pack items that you do not need for the time being
  • Stack dishes upwards 
  • use smaller boxes for books (books add weight very quickly!)
  • Never use printed newspaper to write up fine china (it could transfer prints!)
  • Use wardrobe boxes to transfer closets easier (we provide 4 for you on moving day)
  • Do not use boxes without tops- this makes it harder to stack in a moving truck
  • Use bubble wrap for all electronic equipment
  • When you take furniture apart, keep a tally of where you put all the hardware. Either wrap them up and label them, or tape the hardware underneath the furniture at the base. 
After you are done packing you should sit back, relax and let Reliable Delivery make your move go smoothly so you don't have to do any more work.