Parents Need More Space: Top 4 Reasons to Buy Storage as a New Parent

June 1, 2018


As a new parent, you’re bound to accumulate a lot of stuff, and this amount will only increase over the years. With baby showers, housewarming gifts, and all the other added bonuses of becoming a new parent, your heart and your home will continue to fill. To prevent becoming a newfound hoarder, consider these life events that prove you should become a storage lover.

1. After the Baby Shower
While you’re caught up in all the excitement of bringing your new bundle of joy home, you haven’t noticed that your house has become a war zone: here, a high chair left in the middle of the room, there a third practice potty since your guests decided to ignore your registry. You don’t know how to sort through the mess or even where to start. One of the best things a storage space has to offer is a large, open area with which to sort your goods. You can organize your items and budget your timeline to fit your baby’s needs. After all, a newborn isn’t going to need that toilet just yet. Keeping it in a location that is out of the way will clear your life of unnecessary clutter and give you peace of mind for the future.

2. Elementary School
When your child enters elementary school, they’re not going to be home as much as they used to. They’ll begin to make friends and partake in play-dates; it’s a heart-warming time to watch your child grow and discover new things. However, their toy box will get pretty large and it means those baby clothes are officially outdated. To keep those early memories you don’t yet want to lose, consider investing in a storage rental company to keep them safe and in good condition. There, you can keep your high chairs, bibs, and other baby items that can be used down the line should you choose to have another child.

3. A Big Move
As a new parent, you might still be finding your place in the world. You're likely going to be among the 63% of adults that move in their lifetime.This time of your life may offer a slew of new opportunities for your family, and if a job asks you to move away, your children will come with you, often with no questions asked. Looking into moving and storage services can be a great help when you’re dealing with the stress of finding new schools and adjusting to a new job. You’ll also find a lot of stuff while you pack that you might not need at the moment, but aren’t quite ready to get rid of. De-cluttering your life and utilizing the storage space a moving company has to offer can save you money and make your move even easier.

4. Post-College
This seems like a huge jump, but most of the items your child receives during puberty can often be sold or donated. After your child graduates college, they will have many items that aren’t needed if they move back in with you to save some money; the second silverware set won’t find a place in the kitchen while the second bed your kid bought simply won’t fit into their childhood bedroom. Using residential movers to store your goods safely and reliably in a nearby storage unit is the best option to keep your child’s goods safe while keeping your house clean.

Life is full of stuff and it’s important for new parents to consider the benefits a good storage facility has to offer. A good storage rental company will not only ensure using your space effectively that you’re using your space effectively, it will guarantee the safety of your favorite memories.