Preparing for the Move: What to Do With All That Junk

August 21, 2017

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Moving is a stressful time. Whether you're joining the ranks of the 63% of adults who moved into a new community at some point in their lives or you're moving two blocks down the street, there is a great deal of packing and planning to be done. But moving is also a great opportunity to rid yourself of a great deal of clutter and wasted space.

You will know what you want to keep and what can go as you endeavor to pack, but will you know what to do with your unwanted items? Moving provides an excellent opportunity to give back to your community through donations.

This blog is designed to give you some ideas of the best places to consider donating your unwanted items when you move.

  1. Non-Perishable Foods
    Have you been more adventurous in shopping than you are in eating? If your pantry is lined with canned cheeseburger or simply too full for you to justify taking it all with you, you're in luck. Many residential moving services work with nonprofits to help you donate your unwanted non-perishable food items, Reliable Delivery included. Just let your movers know in advance and they will make sure your unwanted food goes to a good home.

  2. Books and Magazines
    There are a number of local charities and organizations that will likely welcome your book and magazine donations. Schools and daycare centers will likely jump at the chance for children's books. So will some shelters that specialize in displaced or homeless families, as many of them offer a private library for their residents. And don't forget your local literacy groups, they can use your unwanted books to help combat adult illiteracy.

  3. Clothing
    Clothes are one of the basic requirements for a comfortable life, and they are something that many people lack. By donating your unwanted clothes to a non-profit or thrift stores, you will be giving increased access to clothes for the lower income families in your area.

  4. Other Items
    As you're packing for the moving service, you will likely find a thousand things you either can't or don't want to bring with you to your new homes. Almost all of these items can be brought to the same local nonprofit or thrift stores as the clothing above. Again, you will be better empowering a family to afford a comfortable life.

There are a number of considerations when hiring residential moving services. Hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand what to do with your unwanted items, and expedite the process for you.