Preparing Your Antiques for a Big Move

September 21, 2018

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Over 60% of us will move to a new community at least once in our lives, which means that we'll have to move those family heirlooms and collectibles. Antiques already require special care, and moving them can be particularly risky. With a little preparation and help from the experts, however, you can move your precious items as quickly and easily as possible.

Have your Items Appraised

If you own any pieces that are especially valuable, you should have them appraised by one or multiple personal property appraisers. You can ask for recommendations through your bank or insurance company. Sometimes, your valuables will be covered by your home insurance policy, but if they aren't, you can also look into antique and collectibles insurance. You can also talk to your insurance company about purchasing liability insurance in case something happens to your items while in transit.

Prep Well in Advance

Always clean and dry your antiques well before your move. If your items can be disassembled (for example, many European armoires are designed to come apart), try breaking them down as much as possible before moving day. Make sure you have friends and family help you move the heavy pieces to avoid denting and scratching and wrap all of your pieces in moving blankets and bubble wrap. Experts also recommend putting your pieces in a wooden crate to prevent further damage.

Hire an Expert Moving Company

If you're especially worried about your antiques making it through the move, look for a moving company that specializes in high-end and antique furniture. The ideal moving service will be licensed and insured by the state and have previous experience working with delicate items. You'll also want to decide in advance if you need to work with a third party storage company or if your movers will be taking the items directly to your new home. If possible, layout exactly where you would like your antiques to be placed to save time and protect the items.

Always do your research when choosing the right moving company. Taking the time to prepare for your move can save you from damage and hidden fees down the road.