10 Ways to Save Money During Your Move

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

  1. If an elevator is required to be used during your move, reserve it with your HOA to avoid long wait periods
  2. Make sure all boxes are sealed and similarly sizes to help allow for maximum efficiency
  3. Pack books and heavy items in small boxes to avoid boxes breaking open
  4. Make sure all furniture is empty of all contents before movers arrive
  5. Examine parking in front of residence to ensure the truck may park as close as possible on move day
  6. Make sure there is a path for large furniture items (sofas, dressers, bookcases, cabinets) 
  7. Stack same size boxes 4 tall to speed up the box removal from your residence. This can save a great deal of time!
  8. Label boxes clearly with designated rooms and mark fragile if contents require extreme care and placement
  9. Clearly mark bedrooms, office, bonus rooms etc to ensure proper placement of items. Paper signs work great!
  10. Break down your bed frame and tip up mattress and box spring to allow for quick removal