Monday, May 4, 2015

Reliable Delivery offers many types of services including:

Commercial moves
Furniture Deliveries

Residential Moving:
We will pad wrap and shrink wrap all of your furniture so you don't have to worry about damage. We use floor runners to protect the floor of your home so they do not get ruined or dirty.

For residential moves you can even hire us to do the packing for you!
If you are in a large home, plan ahead and schedule one day for packing and a second day for moving. This will help cut cost and make your move faster and easier. If you are in a smaller home/apartment, we can typically pack and move you in one day.

Commerical Moves:
Do you own or work in an office that needs help with moving? Look no further! We offer commercial moves and will take care of all of your packing as well. We will pad wrap, shrink wrap, and pad door ways so you have have ease of mind knowing that nothing will get damaged.
If you already have everything packed but just need the help moving? We can do that too!
Don't worry about having to reassemble all of the furniture either because we are able to do that for you so you don't have to.

Furniture Deliveries:
We will pick up your furniture from either a residential or commercial location and drop it off at another location for you.
We will assemble the furniture and even take the old furniture away for you!

What if the item is already assembled but can't fit through the door or elevator? As long as it's safe, we can hoist your furniture up a few stories to get it into your home. The item will be wrapped and padded so it won't get damaged.


We provide storage for any belongings you don't need in your home right away or if need to put your items somewhere for any amount of time. For example: if you are getting your carpets replaced and need to move your furniture somewhere, we can store it for you!

Reliable Delivery will pick up your belongings and bring them to our secured, private storage facility. This means that it is not open to the public and has full security so you can rest assured that your items are kept safe.

When you need your items, simply call us to schedule a drop off time and we will be there to unload your items for you!

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