Why Fall Is The Best Time To House Hunt (And Make A Move!)

September 29, 2017

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Although the weather may not be so fall-like in San Diego, temperatures are definitely starting to cool down a bit. Summertime may be a popular time to list, but this season is actually the perfect time to buy and move into a brand new home. If you're planning to get a fresh start, fall allows you the opportunities to do it in a more cost-effective (and often less stressful) way. Here's why.

You'll find better deals
Statistically speaking, the best time to purchase a new home is in October. In an analysis of data over a 15-year span, RealtyTrac found that October homebuyers paid 2.6% below the estimated market value for their homes. Not only are you more likely to snag a home for a steal, but you'll likely pay less for your moving help, too. Rates tend to go up in spring and summer and come back down in the fall. Since autumn isn't considered to be peak demand for your local movers, you'll benefit from lower moving costs. The average cost of an intrastate move is $1,170, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, so being able to save a bit of dough can be a big deal.

You'll have less competition
Availability and pricing are typically linked; that's how supply and demand works, after all. Because fewer people move during the fall, you'll have a better choice of available homes at your disposal -- and you'll have fewer buyers to compete with when making an offer. And since your moving service's schedule won't be as full, you'll get to take your pick of moving days when you call your local movers. That's a luxury a lot of families don't get when they move in the summertime. It'll still be easier to schedule your move on a weekday, for sure, but you'll still have more options for dates and times than you would during their busy season.

You'll experience better weather
If you're shivering or sweating during your house hunting, it's probably going to impact your outlook on a given property. The moderate temperatures of fall can often paint a home in its best light and give you a more accurate idea of what it'd be like to live somewhere year-round. And even when you have help from residential movers, having to pack up and move out during the hot summer or in near-freezing conditions can make a stressful situation even worse. But when you move during the fall, you'll get to take advantage of the cooler temperatures throughout the process. That means you'll have little concern for inclement weather or intense heat. You may even be able to enjoy your move in some way! At the very least, you won't feel like you're going to keel over or have your moving day plans ruined due to environmental conditions.

If you're thinking of making some big moves this year, consider buying your new home and moving in during the fall. Not only are you likely to pay less for your dream home, but you'll likely score some deals from your local movers, too. And given the fact that there will be more availability and nicer weather conditions, it's clearly the ideal season for buying and moving into your new house.