Why You Should Invest In Antique Furniture Movers

November 20 2015

antique furniture movers

New home, new furniture, some might hope, but guess again. Furniture delivery services are probably the way to go if you are intending a move to a new place.

Although many people moving to a new place might imagine selling old antique furniture and buying all-new furnishings lowers the cost of moving ($1,170 on average intra-state), the reality is that the market for heirloom and second-hand furniture is virtually nonexistent. It's hard to sell such furniture for much money, and in some cases it's a challenge to even give it away. Even the Salvation Army has become pickier. Its furniture delivery truck drivers take pictures of furniture and send it back to base, lest they not accept it.

The reasons for this lack of resale value for new furniture are several. First, many furniture types have simply gone out of style, relegated to the "brown furniture" category that is the industry's name for wood-finished and upholstered pieces that no one wants anymore. Many newer homes are built on a scale that makes including old-timey furniture somewhat inconvenient.

Secondly, many millennials and younger buyers are renters, a third of which move once a year. They aren't as interested in having old heirlooms and treasured cabinets that need to be preserved. They want to move around from place to place (the average American moves 12 times in their life, just for comparison's sake), making residences with kitchen islands and pre-existing cabinets more appealing than lugging Grandma's old mahogany dresser from Los Angeles to New York City and back. Many people are opting to live in smaller residences in urban areas over larger suburban or rural houses. These people want to go out on the town rather than host dinner parties in their tiny apartment.

So if you do have antique furniture and you hope to move, what does this mean? Don't try to sell it -- call antique furniture movers to bring it to your new place. Antique furniture movers can assess your new residence and determine what should stay and what should go. Antique furniture movers can also preserve your furniture so that it will look good in your new home, rather than unpleasant or drab. Keeping old furniture may not be the trend these days, but it will enable you to maintain a comfortable and accommodating residence.